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Yanmar News


Meet us at Navalia Vigo stand A49

YANMAR Europe will be present at Navalia in Vigo Spain, Stand A49, promoting the company’s range of commercial marine products, together with our partners; YANMAR Equipment Iberica for leisure marine business, Skandiaverken as service agent for medium speed and highspeed engines and MHIES as service agent for highspeed engines.

Propulsion engines

YANMAR’s commercial high speed portfolio includes the mechanical 6AYM engine, an example of which will be on display, and its 12-cylinder stablemate the 12AYM.  Also in high speed range we have the 6AYEM, which features an electronically controlled common rail fuel system. In addition to these rugged, purpose-built high speed engines for the commercial marine market, YANMAR offers a range of medium speed engines, including the EY33 series, which employs the Miller cycle to achieve low emissions at high power and favourable fuel consumption. The company’s higher-rated commercial high speed units will be represented by the 6CXBM super light duty engine.

Gas-fuelled alternatives

YANMAR also offers a dual fuel solution, the medium speed 1533kW 6EY26DF, for situations where very low emissions are needed with no sacrifice in power output. Designed for operation on either diesel fuel or liquefied natural gas (LNG), emissions of sulphur oxides (SOx) and particulate matter are cut by 99% when running on LNG, while nitrogen oxides (NOx) are reduced by 85%, and CO2 by 20% to 25%. It is possible to switch between gas and liquid fuels even under full engine loads, while air-fuel ratios are automatically adjusted for optimum operation under different load fluctuations and methane concentrations.

Marine transmissions

The YANMAR display at Navalia will additionally feature the new KM200/300BL gearbox, designed for use with the mechanical 6AYM engine. The mechanical engines are noted for their environmental friendliness and low cost of ownership, and these attributes are matched by the strength, reliability and easy maintenance of the KM200/300 transmissions.

New diesel outboard

Finally, YANMAR’s Navalia exhibit will feature the new Dtorque, the first turbocharged common rail diesel outboard with a dual counter-rotating crankshaft. This cancels out the vibrations normally associated with a twin-cylinder diesel, making the Dtorque smooth in operation and simple to handle. The 50 hp Dtorque is SOLAS certified and exhaust emissions fall well within RCD2 limits it delivers an impressive 111Nm torque at just 2,500 rpm.  At full throttle and lading it typically burns under 12 litres of fuel per hour 2 times less than most 70 hp gasoline outboards of similar performance. This unit has been developed in partnership with Neander Motors of Germany.

Meet us at Navalia

With a commercial highspeed range of YANMAR commercial marine products represented at Navalia, this is your opportunity to meet the company’s people and discuss your needs – YANMAR will have a solution.